Company Overview



YZJ Financial is poised to become a leading investment manager in Asia and across the globe by delivering long-term value for our clients through a variety of investment services and opportunities.

The common thread that runs through everything we do is investing in growth opportunities that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns and a steady stream of dividends to shareholders, and our focus will be distributed across three main areas: Investment Management, Fund/Wealth Management and Debt Investment.


Our History

YZJ Financial was backed by Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd., one of the largest and most reputable shipbuilding companies in the world. Since 2008, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has been deploying its deep capital reserves and excess cash into debt investments, and fund investments, and achieved consistent returns that have outpaced the market for nearly 15 years. Pursuant to the spinoff of YZJ Financial, we will have more flexibility to expand our investment portfolio, grow our global footprint, and access various investment opportunities.
Key Milestones
1 April 2022
  • Issued Notice of AGM and EGM and published Circular on SGXNET

  • Issued Intro Doc on SGXNET

14 April 2022Announcement on SGXNET of Record Date for dividend in specie
18 April 2022
  • FY2021 AGM

  • EGM to approve the Proposed Spin-off

  • Announcement on SGXNET of EGM results

21 April 2022Last day to trade Yangzijiang Shipbuilding shares on a cum-distribution basis
22 April 2022Shares of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding trade on ex-entitlement basis
27 April 2022Distribution Date
28 April 2022Listing of Yangzijiang Financial Holding on the SGX


Value Proposition

Our Group has a long-established presence in the PRC for over 14 years, where we have developed extensive local market insights and deal sourcing capabilities through our domestic relationships and network. We have demonstrated capabilities in identifying, structuring and executing investment strategies to generate sustainable investment returns over a long-term investment horizon.


We honor our commitments, are truthful and transparent in all of our communications, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.


Solid relationships are the core of our business. Each client is treated with respect and dignity, and we take the time to understand each specific need and financial objective.


Our mission is to share our success with our clients. Our focus is always doing what's best for each client and ensuring they are benefiting from their engagement with us.


In regard to strategy, we stay true to what we know works. Every member of our team is held to the highest standards, and we expect nothing less than the best.


What Makes Us Different


We are backed by a strong and established brand and have a proven track record of investment management and investment return growth.


Our management team is highly experienced, with each executive having over ten years of experience in the investment and asset management sector. We're backed by a team of 50+ professionals.


We have a strong reputation in the Greater China and across Southeast Asia region. We can leverage our network of prominent families, investment banks, and sovereign wealth funds to gain ongoing market insights and deal flows, as well as exclusive access to investment opportunities with favorable valuation and terms.


ESG at YZJ Financial

Aligning with global standards, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has prioritized the design and building of vessels with high energy efficiency. To achieve this, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding shows continuous efforts in (1) increased usage of renewable energy, (2) investments in R&D and digital transformation, (3) cost savings in processes and materials, and (4) renewable material utilisation. These efforts are across entire shipping value chain from the yard to ship recycling.

At YZJ Financial, we are looking forward to continuing our journey in ESG by building on the past and future experience of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding under our sustainable finance agenda.