Investor Relations Policy

Yangzijiang Financial Holding Ltd (“YZJFH”) is committed at all times to disclose and distribute all information to the public in full and in a timely and accurate manner, in accordance with the listing rules stipulated by the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST"), as well as the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012.

This policy aims to ensure all investors are able to access information of the Company, including Company's business strategies and updates, stock and financial performance, corporate management and governance and etc., in a timely manner.

All disclosures and announcements submitted to the SGX via SGXNET will be made available on the Company's Investor Relations website. In the unlikely event when information previously undisclosed were made known to the public, the Company will promptly announce the related appropriate information to the public through SGXNET and the corporate website.

The Company endeavours to convey all essential and relevant disclosure and information to shareholders and other prospective investor in a balanced, effective and timely manner, and in clear and plain language. The Company also strives to consistently disclose both positive and negative developments of the Company, and that all disclosure is presented and conveyed factually and clearly.