Investment Management

Investment Management Business

Our Investment Management Business seeks to achieve capital appreciation and investment income from investments in both public and private companies, Funds as well as deploying funds into various situations. In pursuing our Group’s investment objective, our Group will participate in a wide range of investment activities, including third-party managed Funds, co-investment mandates, income-producing assets and direct investment deals. In the foreseeable future, our Group seeks to invest across a broad spectrum of Funds, focusing on growth equity and debt, mezzanine financing, PIPE, special situations, real estate, and other PE Funds, diversified by geography (Singapore and the PRC as core markets, Asia Pacific emerging markets and global developed markets), via joint investments with other prominent investment management companies either as an LP or co-GP. The investment principal arising from the matured entrusted loans from Debt Investment Business will be gradually recycled into (a) Funds Investment and managed under the Investment Management Business in the PRC; and (b) its newly established offshore Investment Management Business in Singapore.

Our Investment Portfolio

As of 31 December 2022, 59% of the Group’s portfolio is made up of debt investments and microfinance loans in China. Cash and yield enhancement products and equity & offshore private debt investments form approximately 22% and 19% of the total portfolio respectively. About 13% of the Group’s assets are located in Singapore.

  1. AUM: S$4.1 billion of Fund and Equity investments as of 31 Dec 2022
  2. No. of Fund Investments: 5 as of 31 Dec 2022